Radiator means to improve the corrosion resistance

Time:2018-03-23 12:00:00

The factors affecting the quality of the radiator: To improve the management level and quality of personnel; rationalize sources of raw materials, good quality raw materials; scientific design, good each process; selection of advanced production equipment, improve the mechanization and automation, strengthen the operation and management of boiler water. Currently, the heating system is not perfect in our case, mainly from the manufacturer to improve the corrosion resistance and heat sink material in the radiator waterway embalmed. An inner coating for steel and aluminum radiator, the inner protective coating properties and coating quality is good or bad impact on the life of the radiator is one important factor. Detection of anti-corrosion coating inside the coating quality, internal anti-corrosion coating corrosion monitor the status of the radiator so is to ensure the normal operation of the radiator necessary measures. No anti-corrosion coating steel and aluminum radiators for heating systems have certain requirements.
As far as possible:
① heating softened water should be as far as possible and deoxidizing treatment;
② should be designed to prevent the system from the atmosphere, such as exhaust cock position, the circulation pump being closed;
③ stop warming or during maintenance, heat device should be used deoxygenated water filled maintenance;
④ need additional water must also be deoxygenated;
⑤ supporting the testing should be a corresponding measurement methods;
⑥ real estate developers and design unit selection should be based on the radiator heating systems;
⑦ right heating system work management staff to conduct regular training.