Adaptation strategies and building energy efficiency green

Time:2018-03-23 12:00:00

Buildings consume a large amount of material resources and energy, according to research statistics, China's total building energy consumption accounts for 20.7% of final energy community to promote green building and building energy efficiency is imperative. According to GB50378 "Green Building Evaluation Standard" is defined, green building means building life cycle to maximize conservation of resources (energy, land, water, materials), to protect the environment and reduce pollution, providing people with health suitable and efficient use of space, building in harmony with nature. Towns in northern China and the country's total energy consumption for heating buildings for 36% of total energy consumption, average energy consumption per unit area of standard coal equivalent of heating 20kg / m ? year of building energy consumption is the largest component of the Nordic building heating under conditions equivalent latitude 2 to 4 times the energy consumption. Therefore, our heating for northern regions are vigorously implement the household heat metering charges by using heat, and guide people and public users to save heating energy consumption.
As the end of the heating radiator heating systems, construction parts and pressure vessels, is China's northern residents necessities, in recent years, such as the Yangtze River in southern China's home heating applications are more widely. Heating radiator greatly affect the winter heating period building air quality and energy use efficiency. From the production perspective, the heating radiator industry is a metal processing and manufacturing, more dependent on the physical resources. Heating radiator industry to carry out green marketing on the one hand heating can improve consumer experience, on the other hand to protect the environment, conserve resources and energy. Therefore, we believe, to meet the green building and energy efficiency in buildings and vigorously promote the implementation of the strategic choice to achieve sustainable development is: heating radiator industry to introduce green marketing theory, vigorously carry out green marketing practices.