Radiator industry at the crossroads

Time:2018-03-23 12:00:00

New radiator has ten years of spectacular years, gone through a period of extraordinary development, today the industry once again faced with new opportunities and challenges.
The current new radiator industry is undoubtedly enormous potential, but how come this decade itch, a watershed decade, become the industry is currently exploring the topic. And there are similarities and personality problems.
Radiator industry in early 2002 to mid-2006, many new entrants, industry activity is frequent, fast circulation outside the industry, enterprise development is very fast, good cash flow, higher profit margins, production and sales, is the development of the industry golden age. But with the new radiator retail market competition, construction engineering problems caused by pressure models, new radiator companies are under pressure to get out an unusual development path, whereby the development of the industry into a decadent and revitalization crossroads .